What is KATFlex?

Katay Automotive offers sustainable, environmentally friendly products as well as practical and easy-to-apply solutions with its self-adhesive floor covering KATFlex TM for auto and bus manufacturers. Laminated linoleum is designed to give the best performance by maintaining the most effective strength values ​​on the surfaces with -30C to + 80C with our high-tech adhesive. KATFlex TM adapts to temperature changes according to similar solutions on the market and keeps on the surface permanently without spoiling its chemical properties. It can be easily applied to different surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic and gives the best result. The ease of self-adhesive application considerably shortens the processing time. It increases the production speed. Less operations. Less labor. It provides drying oven cancellation and energy saving. It saves you from expensive investments. Our products comply with the current emission gas regulation and are environmentally sensitive and odorless. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, they do not contain harmful ingredients for human health.

Advantages of KATFlex

1) Linoleum manufacturers are suitable for most up to 2.0 meters width.

2) Superior performance for vertical surfaces.

2) Ease of application (Speed and convenience)


Unique KATFlex technology completely eliminates drying time.

TechnologyDriving Comfort

Why KATFlex?


Quick and easy installation.

There are no operational interruptions.

No drying and waiting time.

It can be used immediately.

No interruptions.

No health risks. (Zero VOC)

Environmentally friendly.

Solvent Based Contact and Spray Adhesives

Slow and complicated installation.

Operational interruptions.

It needs time to dry.

It can be used after curing period.

Causes posture.

It causes a number of serious health problems.

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